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  • Plant Pot Size Guide

    A rough guideline to pot sizes for when digging holes

    1 Litre 13cm dimeter 11cm high

    2 Litre 17cm diameter 13cm high

    3 Litre 19cm diameter 15cm high

    4 Litre 20cm diameter 16.5cm high

    5 Litre 22.5cm diameter 18cm high

    7 Litre 25cm diameter 20cm high

    10 Litre 28cm diameter 22.5cm high

    15 Litre 33cm diameter 30cm high

    20 Litre 35.5cm diameter 32.5cm high

    25 Litre 38.5cm diameter 35cm high

    30 Litre 41cm diameter 36cm high

    40 Litre 50cm diameter 45cm high

    50 Litre 55cm diameter 50cm high

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