Weeping Willows

Weeping Willows 

Weeping willows are deciduous trees originating from China which are renowned for their attractive fluffy catkins in spring time and colourful bark. They were introduced to Europe and the Americas as ornamental trees and are now well recognised due to their large characteristic canopy, short trunk and lance-shaped bright green leaves. Weeping Willows form dense root-mats on the soil's surface or in shallow nearby water. They reproduce by dropping seeds which have long silk like hairs forming a small parachute. These seeds can then be carried for many miles by water or wind. 

Where to site your willow 

Best suited to waterside locations. The large varieties will need space to grow whilst the smaller ones are ok in a small garden or in pots.  

How to grow your willow 

Larger willows are best suited to a larger garden and look especially attractive when waterside. Smaller willows are perfect for any garden and are an ideal solution for planting in moist but well drained soils. Weeping Willows are very easy to grow and can be trimmed in late Winter or early Spring. 



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