Also known as the Foxglove tree due to the flowers which emerge looking just like those of the foxglove plant. 
In China, there is a tradition to plant one of these when a girl is born, the fast-growing tree matures when she does and when she is eligible for marriage the tree is cut down and carved into wooden articles for her dowry.
Paulownia are deciduous trees with large, ovate leaves and erect panicles of usually lilac-purple foxglove-like flowers in spring

Where to site your Paulownia

Paulownia have very long leaves and therefore need planting somewhere with wind protection so these do not catch on the breeze and cause damage to the tree in high winds. 
These trees can grow very large, quite quickly so its best to site them towards the back of the garden where they have plenty of room to grow.


How to grow and look after your Paulownia

Paulownia is highly adaptive and grows well on many types of soils, but they grow best in a warm spot with full sun in a fertile but moist soil. 
They will grow just as fast as you can feed them, in rich soil and added compost or manure.

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