Olive Trees

Olea or Olive

Olive or Olea are evergreen trees that will make your garden feel like you are in the Mediterranean.

Beautiful, lender silver grey foliage, flowers in the summer and sometimes followed by the popular olives.

Where to Site Your Olea

Olives are the perfect pot plant, feature plant.

How to Grow and Look after your Olea

Best to grow in containers when they are small so they can be moved into your conservatory, porch or green house over the winter, Just remember to keep the room cold, you will need a good compost and add some grit to ensure that the olive tree is kept moist but good drainage, In the summer make sure that they are put in a sunny spot like against a wall that gets the sun,

To produce the fruits, you will need to keep your olive tree well-watered and fed especially over February to May. They fruit better outside as they need the fluctuation in day and night-time temperatures. Growing more than one olive will also help as it will improve the improve the cross pollination

Olive trees do not need a lot of pruning as they are slow growing, however you can keep them trimmed into shape or thin out the branches so that the sun gets to the centre of the plant.

As they get older and stronger, they can be left out if they have the protection of a courtyard, walled garden or in the warmer urban areas like inner city gardens. If you are in a colder part of the country or very exposed, you will not have any joy leaving them outside.

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  1. Olea Europea Mini Standard 3.5 Litre Pot
    Clear trunk 40cm with a lollipop trimmed head Learn More
  2. Olea Europea 1/2 Standard 7.5 Litre Pot 90 cm Stem
    Clear trunk at 80/90cm with a tidy sized head of 40 plus cm Learn More
  3. Olea Europea 1/4 Standard 25 Litre Pot
    Clear trunk at about 50cm with a bushy head Learn More
  4. Olea Europea 1/2 Standard 15 Litre Pot
    Clear trunk of 90-100cm with a bushy head of 50-60cm Learn More
  5. Olea Europea Ball on Thick Stem 35 Litre Pot
    Thick stout trunk, pollarded at 50cm with a lolipop trimmed head of 80/100cm on top. A real good value tree! Learn More
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