Commonly known as Honey Locust, the name comes from the sweet pulp inside the seed pods which was used eaten and used in traditional medicine by Native Americans.
They are deciduous trees with elegant, dainty fern-like foliage that emerges bright yellow, gradually aging to yellow green by the end of summer and warming to golden tones through the autumn. Leaves are on spiny branches depending on the variety, with inconspicuous flowers followed by large flattened seed-pods.

Where to site your Gleditsia

It has an open habit, casting only a light shade underneath its canopy so is perfect for underplanting, best grown as a specimen tree towards the back of the garden due to its eventual large spread.

How to grow and look after your Gleditsia


They are highly adaptable to different environments and can cope with a wide range of ground conditions, they do not however like permanently wet or waterlogged ground but they thrive best in any well-drained soil in full sun.

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