Flowering Cherry

Flowering Cherry 

Flowering Cherry (Prunus) are an instantly recognisable tree much loved in UK gardens. They are one of the first heralds of spring with their floriferous colourful blooms that never fail to bring a smile to your face and there is even some that bloom in winter so you can have joy all year round. 

They are mostly deciduous trees though there are some evergreen varieties, foliage can either be green or purple usually followed by dazzling orange to red autumn leaf colour. Flower colour ranges from pure white to dark pink and even the bark on some provide interest with glossy mahogany coloured wood. 

Where to site your Flowering Cherry 

These trees looks great no matter where they are and with so many different varieties there is a perfect one for every garden, columnar shaped for small gardens or weeping cherries for a striking standalone feature tree. 


How to grow and look after your Flowering Cherry 

Flowering cherries will grow in most soils and positions as long as the area doesn’t dry out or become waterlogged but we would recommend planting in an area that is sheltered from high winds as particularly strong gusts will knock off the delicate blossoms.   


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