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Exochorda tree


Exochorda has the common name Pearl bush in reference to the flowers that when they are just about to open look like pure white pearls. With its abundance of flowers and easy to care for manner, it is quickly becoming a gardeners favourite. 
They are bushy deciduous shrubs to small trees with simple, pale green leaves and bowl-shaped, 5-petalled white flowers that appear in spring or summer depending on variety. 

Where to site your Exochorda 

These trees can range in size from small to medium but they all have arching branches that spread just as widely which can form a nice backdrop to a shrub border, help form a flowering hedge or make a lovely standalone specimen plant in a woodland garden.  

How to grow and look after your Exochorda 

 Exochorda are easygoing when it comes to growing but are best in fertile, well drained soil in full sun or dappled shade if you're in an area with particularly scorching dry summers. 

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