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Eucalyptus are large evergreen trees whose oil is widely used for its medicinal purposes from its antiseptic properties to helping clear blocked noses.  

The bark is a blue-grey colour, young leaves round and blue but its most recognisable by its blue-green long and slender adult leaves that hang downwards from branches, oil is harvested from the adult leaves which gives them a distinctive scent when crushed.  

Where to site your Eucalyptus  

Eucalyptus need access to direct sunlight and are very fast growing large trees, they are best planted somewhere where they can grow to their full height without any interference from neighbouring trees to block their light.  

How to grow and look after your Eucalyptus  

Eucalyptus adapt well to a range of soils, from hot, dry sites to slightly wet as long as it is a well-drained soil. However they must be in a sunny spot and would prefer shelter from cold, drying winds. 

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