Cerics Trees

Cercis or Redbud

Cercis or Redbud are deciduous shrubs or small trees with heart shaped leaves and clusters of bright, pea-like flowers. Flowers are deep crimson, pink or white and provide a dramatic spring display. These flowers are followed by flattened, deep purple pods.

Where to Site Your Cercis

Cercis look excellent planted at the back of a border or against a wall. Areal eye-catching feature.

How to Grow and Look After you Cercis

If required, cercis can be pruned to remove any misplaced branches; this will maintain the shrubs symmetry and keep it in good condition. They thrive in deep, moist soil, favour a sun spot out of strong winds. At the beginning of the season mulch the tree to keep it cool in the summer to protect it from winter frosts.

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  1. Cercidiphyllum Japonicum 15 Litre Pot
    Cercidiphyllum Japonicum is a beautiful tree that bears large heart shaped foliage, two toned copper and green foliage that changes to shades of yellow, oranges, pinks and purples throughout autumn as well the dead leaves smelling of sweet burnt sugar Learn More
  2. Cercis canadensis Red Force 10 Litre Pot Pre Order For Feb

    Red Force is a deciduous shrub. Has pinkish white flower flower buds the open to a lovely soft pink on bare stems. Once finished flowering the reddish purple foliage emerges

    Pre Order For February

    Learn More
  3. Cercis canadensis Royal White 15 Litre Pot
    Cercis Royal White is a often multi-stemmed deciduous tree with heart-shaped, mid-green leaves that turn yellow in autumn. It has flurries of white flowers that bloom in spring on the bare stems, before the leaves emerge. Learn More
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