Amelanchier Trees

Amelanchier or June Berry

Amelanchier or June Berry is a lovely deciduous shrub. They are valued for their five-petal star shaped, white or pink flushed flowers and fine autumn colour, which is followed by round or pear, shaped, purple fruits. Amelanchier are excellent for inviting wildlife into the garden. The fruits on amelanchiers are nice to eat raw but they do have strong almond tastes, they are good for pies and jams. 

Where to site your Amelanchier

As these shrubs grow in to large specimens it is advised that they are planted at the back of the border or as a stand-alone tree.

How to grow and look after your Amelanchier

They grow in all soils but thrive best in acidic soil and also get the best autumn colours if planted in acidic soil, they require full sun or partial shade and good air circulation (not overcrowded borders).  

We would recommend pruning June Berrys until after they have flowered. They can withstand a hard prune but this will reduce the amount of flowers next season, better if you do it little and often.

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