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Tetrapanax or Rice Paper Plant

Rice paper plant are fantastic architectural shrubs. Huge green foliage that is lobed, new growth and undersides are covered in woolly hairs. 

Supposedly evergreen, but we have found it to be deciduous. Sometimes when you see the huge leaves battered by wind, being deciduous is not a bad thing. They gladly unfurl new leaves in spring. They look dramatic and are an exotic plant hunter’s shrub, not for casual ameteurs. 

Where to Site Your Tetrapanax

Beautiful specimens that are ideal for architectural, courtyard gardens and a feature specimen

How to Grow and Look after your Tetrapanax

They grow well in rich well drained soil. Ideally in full sun or partial shade.

Plant in a sheltered site away from cold drying winds.

Apply layers of mulch in spring and autumn to retain moisture in the soil and to deter weeds, keep the soil moist especially during drought periods.

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