Syringa or Lilac Bushes

Syringa or Lilacs are deciduous shrubs which are grown for their beautiful, tubular flowers; these are excellent for cutting. The flowers can be of classic lilac colour but also come in pinks, creams, rich purples and white. Mostly they are extremely fragrant especially in the early summer months.

Where to Site Your Syringa

These shrubs can grow into a tree like structure so are best planted at the back of a border or in clusters as part of a woodland garden. Syringa can be used as an informal hedge, making a lovely alternative to an unsightly fence.

How to Grow and Look after your Syringa

Lilacs do not require regular pruning, but they should be dead headed at least for their first two years. Care should be taken not to remove the new shoot when doing this as the new shoot sits just below the spent head.

Syringas are fully hardy and require deep, fertile, alkaline soil in order to thrive.

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