Sarcococca or Christmas Box

Sarcococca - Christmas Box - are fantastic evergreen shrubs that are nice and compact and bear glossy green leaves. They have tiny, heavenly fragrant, creamy white flowers that last from Autumn through Christmas to Spring, they are then often followed by fruits.

Where to Site Your Sarcococca

They are an ideal plant to use in a pot close to seating areas for their beautiful fragrance, hedges, or just part of the border. A good alternative to ferns as these flowers which is always a bonus.

How to Grow and Look after your Sarcococca

They are very easy to grow and can tolerate full sun / shade, partial shade all soils including damp soils, it is also the answer to dry shade.

Ideal for pollution areas and can be neglected if needs be

Don’t require pruning.

Even slugs and snails don’t eat this!

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