Rosa or Rose bushes are deciduous shrubs or climbers which are grown for their attractive and fragrant flowers which mainly bloom in summer and autumn. Flowers are solitary and vary widely in colour, shape and size between different species. Roses have dark green, oval shaped leaves with pointed tips and the stems usually bear sharp thorns or prickles.

Where to Site Your Rose

They are suitable for many types of garden planting, as specimens, borders, climbers or even as a hedging plant. It

How to Grow and Look after your Rose

Roses are very versatile shrubs that can be planted in many positions, they thrive best on full sun although they can grow on a north facing wall.

They don’t like exposed windy sites.

We recommend mulching Roses to retain moisture and suppress weeds.  It is advisable to feed the plant throughout spring and summer as this encourages blooms.

Rose bushes may require trimming to maintain a tidy appearance and remove any damaged stems. This should be done in early spring before the young shoots begin to develop. 


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