Ribes or Flowering Current

Ribes or Flowering Currant are mainly deciduous shrubs which are commonly found in woodlands. They often have alternate leaves and small, bell-shaped flowers in spring or summer.

Ribes are often grown for their round edible fruits which can vary in colour from purples through to white. Some of these fruits such as blackcurrants are edible

Where to Site Your Ribes

Ribes are perfect for planting in a border and grow especially well when against a wall or fence. They can also be used as an informal hedge. Perfect for cottage gardens

How to Grow and Look after your Ribes

Best planted in normal well drained soil situated in a full sun but can tolerate partial shade – may mean less flowers /fruits.

After flowering, the flowered shoots should be cut back to the young, stronger growth. This should be done in early spring to encourage flowering.  

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