Photinia Red Robin

Photinia Red Robin we do are evergreen shrubs. These are one of the most popular evergreen shrubs. Most gardens will have a t least one.

Grown for their attractive bright red new growth that matures to a glossy dark green leaf. Creamy white flowers in summer which sometimes can be followed by berries.  

Where to Site Your Photinia

Red Robins are such a versatile shrub that ae ideal hedges, pot plants, feature plants. Suitable for most garden location.

How to Grow and Look after your Photinia

They grow best in fertile well drained soil in sun or partial shade.

They are tolerant of most soils even clay if it has been improved by well-rotted compost or manure.

If planting in an exposed windy site, the young shoots could get a little scorch.

Photinias require minimal pruning, a tidy up come spring and summer to keep the shrub looking tidy, if you are choosing this for a hedge then then remove the tips of young shoots to encourage the bright red leafy re-growth, this can be done upto 3 times a year. Try and avoid pruning after mid-August since any new growth could be vulnerable to frosts.

Photinia’s can get a leaf spot, it is not caused by disease or pest, just due to the cold wet weather that we often get. Keeping them fed with a general-purpose fertiliser such as Q4 or Growmore in spring / early summer will help encourage new healthy new growth.

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  1. Photinia Red Robin 11cm Pot
    Evergreen shrub with leathery, dark green leaves which are bronze to red when young. Learn More
  2. Photinia Chico 3 Litre Pot
    Special Price £6.00 Regular Price £7.25
    Dwarf form of this garden regular. Grows only to 30cm Learn More
  3. Photinia Red Robin Bush 3.5 Litre Pot
    Photinia red robin is a popular evergreen shrub or small tree with glossy dark-green leaves, the young growth a bright brilliant red. Learn More
  4. Photinia Red Robin 9 Litre Pot Ball
    Special Price £25.00 Regular Price £31.50
    Compact specimen grown in a ball shape at 60-80 cm Learn More
  5. Photinia Red Robin Bush 9 Litre Pot 80/100cm

    Photinia red robin is a popular evergreen shrub or small tree with glossy dark-green leaves, the young growth a bright brilliant red.

    80-100cm Tall Very Bushy

    Learn More
  6. Photinia Corallina 20 Litre Pot
    Beautiful bright red new foliage, changing to burgundy maturing to dark green. Crinkle edge to the foliage. Weather proof foliage. Learn More
  7. Photinia x fraseri Pink Marble 10 Litre Pot
    Interesting form of this garden favourite. A cracking evergreen that will light up a border or make a great screen. Learn More
  8. Photinia x Fraseri Louise 20 Litre Pot
    Photinia Louise has green leaves shot through with creamy white variegation on mature leaves, new foliage is red when young having pink variegation. Learn More
  9. Photinia x Fraserii Crunchy 30 Litre Pot 100-110cm
    Special Price £35.00 Regular Price £40.00

    Fab new form, shorter growing, more compact, disease resistant and multi coloured textured foliage. Use a s a hedge or a beautiful specimen. Height 90-110 tall and very bushy

    Learn More
  10. Photinia Crunchy 18 Litre Pot 125/130cm
    Special Price £40.00 Regular Price £47.25

    A new form of the gardeners favourite shrub that has beautiful bright chocolate, red crinkled, moderately spikey new foliage, maturing to dark green, we make an excellent hedge and deter intruders - beauty as well as functionality 

    Learn More
  11. Photinia Red Robin 18 Litre Pot 125/150cm
    Photinia Red Robin 18 Litre Pot 125/150cm. Beautiful specimen Learn More
  12. Photinia Red Robin 30 Litre Pot 160-180 cm

    Photinia Red Robin fantastic chunky plants that were cut back from over 2 metres recently to make them more bushy.

    Just had an autumn clip up!

    Learn More
  13. Photinia Compacta Living Hedge Panel 35 Litre Pot 120x70cm

    All the good things about a photinia red robin - red flushes and evergreen and easy to trim, but in a tight compact form for topiary.

    Living Hedge Panel 120cm tall and 70cm wide. Ideal to divide the garden into rooms

    Learn More
  14. Photinia Red Robin 55 Litre Pot Half Standard 90-100cm ST

    Beautiful half standard option

    80/100cm Stem

    90-100cm Massive head

    Learn More
  15. Photinia Red Robin Mushroom/Parachute 60 Litre Bowl 200/220cm

    A fantastic specimen that has been clipped up to look like a mushroom or an open parachute. What do you think?

    Learn More
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