Phormium or New Zealand Flax

Phormium or New Zealand Flax are evergreen clump forming shrubs, bold tall leaves that can be bronze, green, pink and red all year round also bearing beautiful tubular flowers in the summer when established,

Where to Site Your Phormium

Phormiums are a real architectural shrub that can be planted in the back of the boarder or as a standalone plant, which makes for a brilliant eye-catching feature.

These are now often being picked by Councils due to the statemen that they create and their stunning all year-round colour.

Phormiums are a wonderful way to attract birds into the garden

How to Grow and Look after your Phormium

Phormiums require full sun in a moist but well drained soil. However, they can grow well in poorer soils providing they are given regular granular feeds of a nitrogen based fertiliser.

Phormiums are greedy plants which grow quickly if they are well fed

They do not need pruning unless you are removing any damaged or dead leaves.

New Zealand Flax may suffer a little leaf damage to the tips if in a particularly windy and exposed site.

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  1. Phormium Tenax Maori Queen 3 Litre Pot
    Dark green, bronze edged sword-like foliage Learn More
  2. Phormium Tenax Bronze Baby 3 Litre Pot
    Phormium Tenax Bronze baby has ubright shrub with tufts of bold, stiff, pointed, wine-red leaves. Learn More
  3. Phormium Tenax Yellow Wave 3 Litre
    Phormium Yellow Wave has broad strap shaped arching green leaves striped with yellow. Learn More
  4. Phormium Tenax Cream Delight 3 Litre
    Phormium Cream Delight is a stunning shrub with green foliage with yellow centres, at the base of the plant the strap like foliage is edged in red Learn More
  5. Phormium ten. Purpureum 7 Litre specimen
    Evergreen, upright architectural plant with bold, stiff, tongue like bronze-purple leaves. Learn More
  6. Phormium tenax 7 Litre Pot
    Phormium Tenax has bold stiff tongue like dark grey-green leaves and bares reddish purple flowers on long panicles in Summer when established. Learn More
  7. Phormium Tenax Pink Stripe 10 Litre Pot
    Arching olive green leaves margined in vivid pink pink. Height and spread 1 m. Requires full sun and moist soil. Learn More
  8. Phormium Tenax Variegata 18 Litre Pot
    Phormium Tenax Variegata - new zealand flax - is evergreen forming a large clump of leathery, strap-like, green and white foliage. They bare tall panicles of tubular flowers in the summer. Learn More
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