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Philadelphus or Mock Orange

Philadelphus are deciduous shrubs which are ideal for planting in a border or as a specimen plant. They have simple, ovate leaves, but are known for their fragrant single sometimes double flowers in spring and summer. A rewarding shrub that requires very little work for such attractiveness.

Where to Site Your Philadelphus

These look fab when planted as part of a mixed border situated in the middle to the back of the bed.

How to Grow and Look after your Philadelphus

Philadelphus prefer moderately fertile soil in full or partial sunlight.

Water freely during the growing season and use a good quality liquid fertiliser to keep them in good health.

If the shrub gets too large then it may flower less, so prune after flowering to promote new growth. If you do wish to keep them at their best then prune each year and its common to remove one third of the old growth.

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