Panicum is a large grass family. The flowers are lovely in appearance, produced in panicles that can be 60cm above the foliage, and plenty of seeds that will disperse.

Where to Site Your Panicum

These are often tall grasses reaching anywhere from 1m up to 3. Ideal for the middle to back of the border. They add beautiful texture and movement to the flower border.

How to Grow and Look after your Panicum

Panicums are very easy to grow and are very rewarding,

They can tolerate a wide range of soils, even clay and sandy soils and dry soils, but prefer the soil to be moist.

Grow in full sun or semi shade. Too much shade and plants will become floppy.

In late winter cut the clumps back to the ground, before new growth begins to emerge in spring.

They don’t normally require fertiliser but if your grasses are not growing well and look like they could use a boost, you can feed them annually in spring with a mild, slow-release fertiliser.

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