Nandina or Sacred Bamboo

Nandina, which is also known sacred bamboo are an evergreen or semi-evergreen shrub.

A perfect choice for adding texture and the oriental feel to the garden. Not like the normal bamboo, this is a stiff upright shrub.

They have erect shoots and alternate leaves which are a fantastic reddish-purple in winter, in their younger years. Nandina are grown for their flowers which are white with yellow anthers. These are star shaped and show in mid-summer.

Where to Site Your Nandina

The smaller growing forms make excellent groundcover while the larger growing varieties make freestanding border shrubs. Smaller growing varieties are ideal pot plants

How to Grow and Look after your Nandina

Nandina grow best in full sun but can tolerate shade just the foliage will not be as bright. Shelter from cold winds.

They need moist but well drained soil.

A multipurpose fertiliser I best used but not essential

The sacred bamboos grow slowly, they will not require too much pruning just a light tidy up come spring time or if you do need to prune the taller varieties then stick to the 1/3 rule, take out one third of the total number at ground level, this encourages new shoots and the lovely lacy foliage at the base of the plant


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  1. Nandina Domestica Obsessed 3 Litre
    Nandina Domestica Obsessed - compact shrub with dark green leaves that are smokey purplish red when young and also in autumn/winter. Bears small white flowers during midsummer. Learn More
  2. Nandina Domestica Obsessed 9 Litre Pot
    If you are planting these fabulous shrubs it pays to start with a proper sized bush as they can be tricky to get out of the ground when you use a tiddler. Learn More
  3. Nandina Domestica Twilight 9 Litre Pot
    Nandina Domestica Twilight. New form that will instantly bring colour to the garden. Evergreen leaves are pink as they emerge and then turn heavily splashed with white. Bears small white flowers in summer, followed, in warm areas, by red fruits. Requires full sun and moist soil.H.1.2m Learn More
  4. Nandina Domestica Gulf Stream 18 Litre
    Nandina Domestica Gulf Stream - compact shrub with a variety of leaf colours on a fairly dense, evergreen plant. New growth is bronze with orange tints. Older leaves range from blue-green to gold and red. Learn More
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