Leucothoe or Doghobble

Leucothoes are fantastic evergreen shrubs which are grown for their glossy leaves that turn a fabulous bright red in autumn. They have cup-shaped flowers which are usually white in colour.

They are very resilient shrubs that make beautiful focal points in the garden whether the be part of a flower border or simply grown in pots. Wherever they are planted you will not be disappointed.

The new forms like twisting red and curly red maintain the shape best and keep a red tint all year.  

Where to Site Your Leucothoe

They make a good all year round shrub, no need to touch pot plant as well as an excellent border specimen.

How to Grow and Look After your Leucothoe

Leucothoe grow well in fertile, acidic soil. Plant in shade to partially shaded sites to get the best leaf colour. They can tolerate full sun but will need extra moisture.

Do not require regular pruning as they have a very tidy habit. Damaged or out of place branches can be removed to maintain the tidy shape

Feed twice a year with ericaceous plant feed or other suitable feed. Always read the plant food instructions and never over feed.

Deer resistant

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