Lavatera or Mallow

Are a mixture of perennials and shrubs they tend to have long stalked palmately lobed and are known for their stunning large flowers that re ideal for attracting bees and other pollinating insects. They flower for a very long period during the summer months and are the perfect addition to the flower border.

Where to Site Your Lavatera

Mallows are the perfect addition to any flower border especially as the don’t require too mush maintenance

How to Grow and Look After your Lavatera

They like to grow in well-drained soil in full sun, away from any cold drying winds ideally in a sheltered spot.

Dead head the spent flowers through out the season this will encourage new ones to come through.

Cut the perennial varieties back in autumn and mulch over. With the shrub varieties these can be pruned in early spring to encourage flowers on this season’s new growth.


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