Instant Impact Shrubs

A few mature trees and shrubs can give instant maturity to a garden or scheme. The impact they have and the spaces they fill can sometimes cost much less than their individual price tag.

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  1. Black Bamboo - Phyllostachys Nigra 35-65 Litre Pot 2.5 - 3 m
    Specimen 2.5 - 3 m high and putting up new canes. Recently potted on into a 65 Litre pot to give the new canes room Learn More
  2. Holly Aquifolium Limsi 180/200cm Extra Heavy 110 Litre Pot
    These are a very wide and bushy field grown specimen. They need two strong people to move them and are a different prospect than a tall thin pot grown plant. If using for a hedge plant 1 to the metre or push them up a little for an instant hedge. Learn More
  3. Acer palmatum Katsura 30 Litre Pot
    Acer palmatum Katsura has stunning golden orange foliage that is margined with pink in spring maturing to green and turning shades of orange for the autumn display Learn More
  4. Bamboo Phyllostachys Bissetii 110 Litre Pot 4-5m
    Phyllostachys Bissettii - green caned bamboos are the best hedge for windy spots compared to the other bamboo they form a nice dense hedge. Recently potted from a 65 litre pot into a 110 Litre. We move our bamboos on in winter to allow the new canes to push through in early spring. Learn More
  5. Laurel hedging 220-240cm Super Wide 240 Litre Pot

    These are huge specimens at 220-240cm and 130-150cm wide. A completely different beast to the normal hedging plant. Grown and clipped as specimens, wide most of the way up and across. They weigh roughly 200 kilos each and are not for the faint of heart. Plant about 1.3 apart for instant screening

    Learn More
  6. Acer palmatum Garnet 50 Litre Pot
    Acer Garnet has beautiful red, finely cut foliage and in autumn changing to a purplish red. Learn More
  7. Ilex mes. Heckenfee 240Litre 200-230cm Extra Wide Heavy Bush

    This is a very large chunky plant. It is not for the aged gardener with a bad back as they are very heavy to move. Plant 1 per metre for instant screening.

    Potted from huge field specimens

    Learn More
  8. Elaeagnus x Ebbingei 110 Litre Pot 110-120cm Ball
    Special Price £295.00 Regular Price £360.00
    A Huge show stopper of a ball at 110-120cm Learn More
  9. Acer palmatum Jerre Schwartz 45 Litre Pot
    Acer Jerre Schwartz is a stunning Acer with bright red new foliage maturing to green, then for the autumn displays of bright red Learn More
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