Fuschia is a fab shrub that is grown for their attractive flowers throughout the summer months.  Some varieties even make a beautiful hedge. (in warm areas)

Where to Site Your Fuchsia

They are perfect for borders, hanging baskets and tubs, a real showstopper especially if they are planted on mass.

How to Grow and Look After you Fuchsia

If planting out in the garden a sunny or a dapple shade position would be best. They can tolerate most conditions apart from extreme wet or dry.

Feed once a year with a good general-purpose granular feed such as Growmore or Blood, Fish and Bonemeal. Also helps to add a yearly organic matter, this helps reduce water stress and protects the crown.

Continue dead heading the flowers throughout the growing season as this encourages new flowers,

Prune in springtime as you will always get some die during the winter months. Prune back to healthy buds. If you are in a particularly cold area, then you may need to prune al of the shrub back hard.

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