Fatsia or Cater Oil Plant

Fatsia are evergreen shrubs often referred to as the Castor Oil plant. The list of plants that will grow in difficult conditions is very short however this tough evergreen is one of the best on this short list, along with the Bergenia for having the largest and most dramatic leaves that are shiny and leathery.

Fatsia is often grown as an indoor plant but comes into its own outside where the leaves darken and weather to a thicker texture. Older plants will produce strange, other-worldly looking, creamy-white flowers. If you are lucky, sooty-purple seed heads will follow.

Where to Site Your Fatsia

These stunning architectural shrubs make a real impact in the garden. They make great back drops to flower borders, grow well against walls and fences

How to Grow and Look After you Fatsia

Fatsia is a forgiving plant but growth will be more vigorous in fertile soil with a regular supply of water.

They grow best in a semi to full shaded position of the garden try and avoid full sun as they won’t be happy.  

Whilst Fatsia Japonica is not completely hardy everywhere in Britain, given a degree of shelter it is remarkably unfussy.

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