Daphne are deciduous or evergreen shrubs which are grown for their 4-lobed, often fragrant flowers. These are tubular in shape, appear in clustered heads and vary in colour from reds to pinks. Daphne leaves are simply ovate and can be covered in subtle silky hairs. Spherical fruits may follow the flowers and are deep red in colour.

Where to Site Your Daphne

Daphne are a perfect shrub either for a border or a rockery, they also do nicely in pots.

How to Grow and Look After you Daphne

They should be planted in moderately-fertile soil and they do prefer slightly alkaline soil - this can be achieved by adding some garden lime.

Mulch in spring with well-rotted organic manure to keep the roots nice and cool but keep it away from the stems

Do not require pruning. If you need to trim and damaged, diseased growth then remove this early spring of straight after flowering. Other than that, then leave them alone. Once established they don’t respond well to transplanting.


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