Corylus or Hazel

Corylus or hazel are deciduous shrubs commonly found in woodlands. They have round, alternate leaves which sometimes resemble a heart shape. Hazels are often grown for their bright yellow catkins and their edible nuts.

There are a few types of Hazel, the ornamental Contorta and the ones that are grown for their nuts such as Avellana

The most common ones for the garden would be the contorted. Grown for its beautiful twisted stems, most appreciated during the winter months when there is no foliage hiding the branches. Followed by pendant yellow catkins that hang on the bare stems.  A true eye catcher. And the Avellana also known as cobnuts that make a wonderful addition to any orchard of larger garden.

Where to Site Your Corylus

Corylus contorta are perfect for mixed shrub borders, the stems are often used for flower arrangements. For the cobnuts best planted as a standalone shrub.

How to Grow and Look After you Corylus

 Plant in full sun / partial shade and fertile, well-drained soil.

Corylus Contorta should be cut back in early spring to maintain their shape. 

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