Cortaderia or Pampas grass

Are robust evergreen grasses, rough textured with long leaves and beautiful flowers that make a fantastic display in summer and autumn. They have sharp strap like foliage all year-round with architectural large feathery plumes that can be kept and dried out and used all around your home to decorate. In winter the colours vary to the Cortaderia you choose.

Where to Site Your Cortaderia

These grasses ae a real show stopper when grown on mass (if you have the space) They add character, texture and a meadow look to the garden.

How to Grow and Look After you Cortaderia

Pampas grasses are very tough hardy shrubs that are easy to grow, they do well in all soils and once established they can even tolerate drought. Perfect for salty / dry winds as well.

The grow best in full sun or light shade

Cut back any old untidy foliage and dead head flowers if you wish.

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