Parthenocissus are vigorous deciduous climbers with either tendrils or disk-like suckers, and lobed or palmate leaves which often colour brilliantly in autumn. Inconspicuous green flowers are sometimes followed by attractive blue or black berries.

A real showstopper in shady spots and the wild life love these to shelter amongst.

Where to Site Your Parthenocissus

Perfect for climbing up & around houses, obelisks and arches & fencing they can weave through your shrubs and hedge

How to Grow and Look after your Parthenocissus

For the best autumn colour, site in partial shade or full shade. Although they can grow in full sun. It thrives in any fertile, well-drained soil.

For the first couple of years they will need some support until they establish there climbing route.

A very hardy climber that depending on the variety and the right soil condition could reach up to 12m with a spread of 4-8m over a ten-year period.

Prune most varieties in early winter. Prune the side shoots bark hard to the woody frame. Keep stems clear of guttering.

Propagate by layering or hardwood cuttings

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