Hydrangea Petiolaris

Hydrangea Petiolaris

Hydrangea Petiolaris or Climbing Hydrangea

Hydrangea Petiolaris - is a deciduous climbing form of Hydrangea, they are perfect for north facing wall they need very little sun. Hydrangea Petiolaris have very big leaves with beautiful white lacy flowers which will make their appearance in early summer.

Where to Site Your Hydrangea

Anywhere that needs hiding.

How to Grow and Look after your Hydrangea

Self-clinging climber, however, sometimes they may need a little bit of help

Hydrangea Petiolaris will grow well in all soils and are a very hardy plant which is good news as every garden can have one.

They will grow to however high they have support to; pruning is not generally required unless you wish to keep it at a certain height

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