Clematis Is a very popular garden plant, They are grown largely for their beautiful flowers, these plants are very versatile they can be grown on walls, trellis, pergola or left to find its way through shrubs and trees,  Clematis are also known by common names such as, old man's beard. traveller's joy and virgin's bower.

Clematis are a hardy plant and easy to grow so why not give it a try to adorn and brighten up your garden.

Where to Site Your Clematis

Anywhere that needs hiding.

How to Grow and Look after your Clematis

Clematis like sun or partial shade and will flower Winter to late Summer, they are best planted spring to early summer in normal compost. Keep the roots nice and cool.

Pruning group one – Clematis that flower in winter and spring on shoots produced the previous summer. Prune immediately after flowering in mid – late spring

Pruning group two – Large-flowered cultivars that flower in early summer (May and June), including those referred to as twice-flowering. These produce flowers on short shoots from last year’s growth, with a later flush on new growth. Prune in late winter or early spring after the first flush of flowers in early summer.

Pruning group three – Climbing clematis that flower from mid-summer (late June onwards) on new, current season growth, and herbaceous types. Prune late winter to early spring.

Feed in the spring with copious amounts of clematis feed.

There are so many types of clematis to buy that we find it is best that we stick to the tried and trusted varieties and only offer them when in season. 


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