Clerodendrum as an unusual, exotic shrub grown for their beautiful flowers and interesting foliage.

These shrub are best noted for its late summer flowers, showy fruit and malodorous foliage. Tubular, fragrant, white flowers in long-peduncle cymes bloom in the upper leaf from late summer into fall. Flowers are followed by small bright blue fruits, each subtended by a fleshy red calyx. When bruised, the leaves do produce a unique aroma reminiscent of peanut butter as memorialized by the sometimes-used common name of peanut butter tree for this plant.

Harlequin glorybower / bagflower  is a more frequently used common name. Clerodendrum comes from the Greek words klero (fate) and dendron (tree), hence the infrequently used common name of fate tree.

Where to Site Your Clerodendrum

As these can grow into mature specimens (2m) then I would position them to the back of the border, with dwarf plants around so you are able to fully appreciate the beautiful flowers. Also great for inviting wildlife into the garden such as bees

How to Grow and Look After you Clerodendrum

These like to be planted in rich well drained soil in a full sun position.

Lightly prune in late winter to early spring, any dead, damaged or crossed branches.

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