Carex or Sedge Grass

Carex are great grasses that add texture and softness to a garden. Carex can be deciduous or evergreen, bearing linear or strap shaped leaves with long spikes of tiny green or brown flowers. Very easy to maintain and require very little work making it the ideal plant for the non-experienced gardener.

Where to Site Your Carex

Carex are a perfect option for planting in troughs, gravel borders, rockeries or mixed into your normal flower bed, normally towards the front

How to Grow and Look After you Carex

There are several varieties of Carex, some that love the bog situations (around ponds) but others are also drought tolerant. Always check on the variety that you chose. They are very easy to grow, and they are even easier to maintain.

Most want moist well drained soil in sun or partial shade.

 The flowers contain seed heads and if you don’t wish for them to spread then we would recommend trimming this off. Also, they can have a good tidy up after they flower to keep them looking smart

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