Camellia is a traditional English, evergreen shrub that most gardens have at least one in, where it’s part of the flower border and sitting happily in a pot. They are one of the first shrubs to show off their beautiful flowers that last for a long period.

If you are after a feature, evergreen plant then this is worth considering. Big bushy specimens that look fab all year round.

Where to Site Your Camellia

Perfect for keeping in pots to fully appreciate the flowers or plant them in the border in the middle / back of the border.

If they are being kept in pots and we get a very cold winter might be wise to add some fleecing to both pot and plant

How to Grow and Look After you Camellia

They thrive in acidic soil (if you don’t have this then purchase a bag of ericaceous compost) and do well in partial shade. They do need protection from early morning sun and any cold winds to ensure the flower buds don't get harmed. Next years flower buds are produced in summer, so it is wise to make sure they are kept well-watered.  

Feed in spring with an ericaceous fertiliser (granular’s are always best). Do not feed after the end of July as these can lead to bud-drop

If they do need a little tidy up, then we would recommend doing this just after they have finished flowering. Hard pruning can be tolerated in March but it will be a couple of years before they re-flowered.

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