Callistemon or Bottlebrush

Callistemon or Bottlebrush are evergreen shrubs originating from Australia. The flower spikes of bottlebrushes form in spring and summer and are made up of several individual flowers. The pollen from these flowers’ forms on the tip of a long-coloured stalk called a filament. The filaments are usually yellow, or red. Leaves of many bottlebrushes are very ornamental. The leaves are often coloured, and, in some species, they are covered with fine, soft hairs.

Where to Site Your Callistemon

Plant in a mixed flower border or does look lovely in pots.

How to Grow and Look After you Callistemon

Callistemon should be planted in a sunny sheltered site away from cold winds. Grow well in most soils but do not tolerate highly alkaline soil. If you can’t grow them outside, then why not have a go in a conservatory or grow them in pots and take them into a green house.

They can be dead headed after flowering; this will encourage new season growth.

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