Callicarpa or Beauty Bush

Callicarpa are also known as Beauty Berry. A fantastic shrub that is a rea winner in the garden.

They are at their best in Autumn / Winter when they produce violet purple berries on bare stems. The foliage starts off bronze and matures to green with age. Pale pink flowers are borne in mid-Summer.

Where to Site Your Callicarpa

As these can grow into mature specimens (3m) then I would position them to the back of the border, with dwarf plants around so you are able to fully appreciate those unrealistic berries in winter.

How to Grow and Look After you Callicarpa

Callicarpa require minimal pruning, you should only trim plants to fit the available space, or to remove any dead or damaged growth. This should be done during the spring.

The beauty berry tolerates various soil conditions but grows best in moist, well-draining soils, in sun or partial shade, to get the best autumn colour then do plant in full sun.

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