Azalea Japanese

Japanese Azalea - Evergreen Azalea

Japanese azaleas are short growing, evergreen shrubs. With small leaves and bright showy tubular flowers in mid to late spring. A real show stopper. They require little or no work and are enjoyable all year round - a garden must have!


Where to site your Azalea

They are at their best when planted on their own, as a real feature shrub. They are also the perfect shrubs for rockeries, make good gap filler and will grow well in containers. 


How to grow and look after your Azalea

Azaleas are shallow rooted and need well-drained acidic soil, in slightly shaded areas of the garden, full sun can sometimes scorch the foliage.

To keep the Azalea’s looking their best trim them after they have flowered, this will then encourage good strong branches.

A good ericaceous fertiliser should be applied late spring.

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