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Aucuba or Spotted Laurel

Aucubas are evergreen shrubs cultivated for their bold attractive leaves and bear large red fruits.  Aucuba’s add structure to the garden all year round.

They are renowned for growing in the most difficult of garden environments and are often seen as informal hedges or as specimen shrubs, growth per year is roughly 20/30cm.


Where to site your Aucuba’s

Aucubas are such a versatile shrub that can be used as hedging, stand alone shrubs or part of the flower border situated towards the back as they can grow to over 6ft. They can tolerate full shade so they are ideal for planting underneath trees or woodland areas.

How to grow and look after your Spotted Laurel

 A great shrub that can grow in all soils (with the exception of waterlogged)

They can tolerate dry soils and salty winds. They are also pollution tolerant and are ideal for the urban areas.

They should be watered freely and fed a monthly fertiliser.


Spotted Laurels can be pruned to remove any out of place branches and if used as a hedging plant should be cut back well in spring. 


It is not recommended to eat the berries, as they will cause upset.


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