Asplenium or Hearts Tongue

Asplenium Scolopendrium or Harts Tongue Fern as it is commonly known, is an evergreen fern that forms a rosette of arching, rich green fronds with undulating margins. The spores are underneath the leaf and create stripes across the frond.

No garden is without at least one fern; they are very tough, low maintenance and very rewarding.  


Where to site your Asplenium

They are perfect for under planting, banks and slopes and make a very good companion planter with feathery ferns.

How to grow and look after your Asplennium

 They grow well in moist well-drained soil in full or partial shade. Bright mid day sun may scorch the foliage. Tolerant of dry shade but if newly planted then water well throughout the first season and mulch.


Pruning can be done through out with the removal of any dead or damaged fronds.

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