Arbutus or Strawberry Tree

Arbutus common name Strawberry Tree. They make large specimen shrubs that are grown for their edible strawberry like fruits and the red flaking bark, this shrub should not be tucked away but in a place where it can be appreciated. The fruits of the tree are edible and have been used in Brandy. Arbutus is a great fuel wood tree since it burns hot and long.

Where to site your Arbutus

We would suggest choosing a site where the Strawberry Tree can be appreciated; they do grow large over time and will need the space, normally at the back of a flower border.

How to grow and look after your Arbutus

 Plant in well drained soil, ideally in full sun. They do well in a sheltered spot inland or an excellent choice for coastal gardens. 


A light prune is recommended in late winter to early spring to remove any damaged, crossing or diseased branches.

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