Also known as the Strawberry Tree as its fruit resemble strawberries, they can be eaten raw and have a high sugar content but are mostly used for jam, marmalades, yogurt and alcoholic beverages. They are known for attracting bees, birds and butterflies​/​moths. It provides seeds and shelter for birds with nectar and pollen rich flowers for pollinators. 
Arbutus are large, bushy, evergreen shrubs with rough bark and dark green leathery leaves, they are very interesting plants as flowers and fruit are on display at the same time making it a beautiful shrub for the garden. 

Where to site your Arbutus

These are a slow growing but ultimately large plant so are best planted where they will have plenty room to grow, make sure to site somewhere you can really appreciate the simultaneous white flower and red fruit display these put on in late Summer to early Autumn. 

How to grow and look after your Arbutus

Best positioned in full sun in well drained, light or sandy soil. Dislikes root disturbance so needs to be planted in its final position. Young plants are more frost-tender than mature plants so need protection while establishing. 


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