Abelia or glossy abelias are mound-forming shrubs with dense foliage and clusters of tunnel shaped scented flowers in late summer and early autumn.  They are a great all year round shrub, with the colour deepening during the autumn / winter months.


 Where to site your Abelia

Abelia’s height tend to reach about 60/90cm we would recommend planting in the middle of the flower border to fully appreciate the flowers and attractive foliage colour. They are also ideal for growing in pots.


How to grow and look after your Abelia

 They are very easy to grow and should be planted in fertile, well-drained soil in full sunlight, sheltered site.


Best pruned in spring by removing any dead or damaged growth ad after they have flowered prune some of the flower stems to create strong new growth.  May need hard pruning every ¾ years.


They are generally pest and disease free, also deer resistant.

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