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Bamboos are fantastic shrubs that can be used in a whole range of different ways to create stunning results in your garden. They are fast growing and certain varieties can reach up to five metres in height, meaning these woody perennial evergreens can be ideal if you’re looking to create an attractive year-round privacy screen. With their distinctive, exotic look, these plants will give you that jungle feel in your garden. They are also hardy and easy to care for.

There are many different varieties to choose from, each with their individual characteristics. So, regardless of the effect you want to create, you should find the perfect bamboo hedging right here.

Popular uses of bamboo

You can introduce bamboo into your garden design in a whole range of ways. A popular use for these plants is to create a bamboo hedge screen to bring added privacy to your outdoor area or to screen sections of your garden off. You can also use them to add structure to borders, and they make great focal points when grouped together in large clumps. Another option is to plant them in containers and place them on your patio or terrace.

Bamboo mixes well with both annuals and perennials and can be used as a medium or tall background plant, low border or ground cover. It’s also excellent as an accent plant.

Getting the most from these plants

Bamboos thrive in moist, well-drained ground and they prefer sunny locations that are sheltered from the wind. When choosing these plants, it’s a good idea to look for varieties that are best suited to the specific conditions in your garden. For example, if your site is exposed, you may be best going for a robust Pseudosasa.

As soon as you get your new plants, you should take them out of their pots and immerse them in water. It’s really important not to let them dry out. Bamboos are resilient and can cope in most soil conditions, but they perform best in rich soil. So, when you’re planting, make sure you use plenty of well rotted manure or compost to enrich the soil. Also, because their roots are shallow, they like a substantial mulch of leaf mould, bark, manure or compost.

Water your new bamboos twice a week for the first three months until they’re fully established, and after this make sure you water them during any dry spells. When you’re doing this, ensure you wet the soil enough that the water soaks right through to the roots.

It’s best to plant bamboos in spring, but if you do this later in the year, you should add lots of mulch and provide protection against cold winds that can dry them out. You might want to put up a temporary windbreak for this purpose.

These perennials can also be grown in large containers, but if you’re planning to do this, be aware that this requires more care. You’ll need to make sure they have lots of good soil-based potting compost and remember to water them frequently to prevent them from drying out. Also, keep an eye on the roots to ensure there is enough space in the pot to accommodate them along with plenty of soil. You should also leave at least four inches at the top of the pot free to allow for easy watering.

Keep your bamboo hedge plants strong and healthy by feeding them in the later spring and summer using a general purpose granular fertiliser. You can also renew the mulch layer when you do this.

In spring, expect considerable yellowing of the leaves, followed by some drop off. This is completely normal and it happens when the new leaves are coming through. Some of the old leaves may become brown and papery, and they can stay attached to the plant long after they’re finished.

When it comes to general maintenance, remove any dead, weak or damaged canes in spring, cutting them to ground level with loppers or secateurs. You might also want to remove some of the foliage around the bottom of the canes by cutting the side branches. You can do this with secateurs or by snapping them using a fast downward motion.

A wide variety of bamboo hedges, all at great prices

We offer an impressive selection of bamboos, all at great value prices. Take your pick from varieties including Phyllostachys aurea, Phyllostachys pissettii, Pseudosasa japonica, Fargesia murielae and many more. Simply click the links on this page to get more information about these plants. Whether you want to create a bamboo privacy hedge, a feature for your patio or anything else, we can help.

Purchasing from us is easy. You can place your order online, over the phone or in person at our Knutsford nursery.

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