Rhododendron Help

Rhododendrons are part of a huge family with many different varieties which can be planted in any position.They are evergreen shrubs that can be dwarf or large growing.  With dense colourful funnel shaped, fragrant flowers, that last throughout late Spring early Summer.  They can thrive in acidic soil and full shade.

But now they have created a new breed called Inkarho rhododendrons, these are grafted on rootstocks which make them extraordinarily lime-tolerant and develop a particularly robust root system. All reliable and popular Rhododendrons are grafted on them as well.

You can also get dwarf rhodendrons that are ideal for pots and rockeries 

How to plant rhodendrons

Choose the spot where you can enjoy the rhodendron. Dig the hole twice as big as the pot, but no deeper than it. Add any compost if you need to. Once that is done pop your rhododendron in the hole - the key thing to rhodendrons is they don't like to be planted to deep as they are surfcae rooting and don't like to be drowned by compost. Also don't pile on the mulch as the lower branches don't want to be covered over.

Once in the hole, back fill with soil and firm down. In the dry spells remember to water iuntill they are well established in the ground. 

 Look at our Rhododendrons here  


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