Privet Help

Fast growing and semi-evergreen, privet makes a fantastic dense hedge. It has soft bright green or gold leaves and is the perfect choice for hedging where young children play or small gardens. It can be shaped or cut back as hard as you like. For smaller gardens it is ideal for keeping narrow and manageable. In a cold winter a lot of the leaves will fall, but in a mild winter it will keep them all. In summer small white flowers exuded a powerful perfume.
They grow rapidly at about 12 inches/year. You should plant them under a foot apart otherwise next doors cat, looking for the children’s sandpit, will be able to walk through for ever.
Clipping Privet Hedging
You should clip them when ever they need it to keep them in shape, as when left they can soon grow large.
Privets are one of the few plants that are hard spoil as they will put up with nearly anything.
Feeding Privet
Give them a feed once a year in spring to keep them looking tip top. Any plant food is fine as long as you read the instructions




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