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Pleached Trees

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You are thinking about making a considerable investment in your garden and you may need some help to make sure you are not going to make a blunder, so please read on.  

First thing is to consider, is what you need these big plants for and your relationship with your neighbours, and if you plant them, how it will be received. If you think they are going to love the idea and want to help maintain the hedge/screen then you can use pleached trees right up to the boundary and they are very good at saving space.  You can garden under them whilst blocking out a view. If you think, and it is nearly always the case, that you will be looking after them yourself you must leave room to get to the back to allow trimming and tying in to the frame.

If all you want to do is hide and help make last an ugly fence or wall you could use the wall frames.  They instantly take you out of that imprisoned feeling that 6 foot fence panels create without gobbling up 6 feet of border.

Now for planting pleached trees.  We always recommend staking with 2 posts and a rail like these. You can buy from us or make your own, but it is the best way of securing them. If you are in a very windy spot use a second cross rail midway between the top and the floor to give the plant more anchorage and reinforce the support posts. To the face of the rail you need to fix rubber tree pads and belts to stop the rail rubbing the trunk and to strap the trunk to. (make sure the nail heads are sunk into the pad so they don't scratch at the bark). Best to do this once you have positioned the plants and it's a good idea to know where you are going to be digging the hole for the plant as you don't want to be digging where you have just banged in the posts. Some people like to leave the plants in big planters or pots, the same method of support is best used for them as well. Position the plant upright and fix the pad and belt and you're all but there. The frame incorporates the cane or post that that was used to shape the plant, leave it and tie it in to your support posts. Regularly check that the ties/bands we use for training them are not getting too tight, they can soon start to strangle the stems. Probably best to cut off any no longer needed once you have stked them in place within your garden.

Pleached wall frames. They hardly need any support especially if they have a wall or fence behind them.

Standard trees should be planted much the same way. They look like mini rugby goals with the tree in the centre. 

Looking after them and getting them established.

For the first season or two you will need to tie in the branches at regular intervals to get them used to the shape of the guide frame and trim off spare growth you don't want. The guide frames are short lived and eventually they will degrade and need removing.  It is normal and by then the plants own branches will be thick enough to free stand. Once you have the effect you are looking for you will be able to clip the new seasons growth a couple of times a year to keep them to the shape you desire. Feed them in the spring taking care to read the instructions on the rate of application and give them water when they need it. Obviously if they are in pots you will need to do this far more often.

Very good luck and feel free to phone and talk before you get into any difficulty.

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