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  • Right Plant For The Right Place

    We have put together different aspects of the garden and come up with a mixture of shrubs and perennials to give you some creative ideas.

    Plants Suitable For Heavy Shade - you can still have beautiful flowers and borders even in a shadey garden.

    Aucuba Camellia Japonica Elaeagnus Euonymus Ilex Leucothoe Ligustrum Mahonia Rhododendron Sarcococca Skimmia Anemone Astrantia Bergenia Epimedium Helleborus

    Plants Suitable for North and East facing Walls - you always think of cold, shadey borders when you see north and east facing but with our suggestions you will finally see some colour

    Ajuga Berberis Camellias (North walls only) Chaenomeles Choisya Euonymus Garrya Mahonia Photinia Digitalis Hosta Akebia

    Plants Suitable for Cold Exposed Areas - these tend to be the gardens that don't have any hedges or walls to protect the garden and also costal gardens as well

    Armeria Aubretia Centaurea Betula Crataegus Cotinus Elaeagnus Kalmia Mahonia Pachysandra Philadelphus Rhododendron Cryptomeria Ginkgo Picea Taxus Thuja Tsuga

    Plants Suitable for Industrial Areas - this selection of plants are suitable for the built up areas that have quite a bit smog

    Aucuba Aesculus Amelanchier Azaleas (decidious) Berberis Carpinus Camellia Chaenomeles Cytisus Escallonia Euonymus Philadelphus Rhododendron Viburnum

    Plants Suitable for Clay Soils (neutral to slight acidic)- these tend to be quite hard to did and plant in and can also hold water

    Aucuba Abies Berberis Carpinus Choisya Corylus Forsythia Hamamelis Juniperus Magnolia Rhododendron Viburnum Aster Aquilegia Hemerocalis Peony Rudbeckia Aconitum Aruncus Delphinium

    Plants Suitable for Dry Acidic Soils - this is where the soil tends to be dry as it can't hold any moisture and is rich and acidic (normally where rhododendrons and conifers live)

    Betula Berberis Cercis Cistus Cotoneaster Hibiscus Juniperus Lonicera Pinus Lilium Thalictrum Meconopsis

    Plants Suitable for Shallow Soil Over Chalk - not much room for plants with roots that go quite deep

    Aucuba Berberis Buxus Carpinus Ceanothus Cistus Cotoneaster Euonymus Fagus Forsythia Laurus Philadelphus Potentilla Sarcococca Vinca Weigelia Yucca

    Plants Tolerant of Both Extreme Acidity and Alkalinity - a good all rounder that can take both types of soil

    Crataegus Fagus Ligustrum Taxus

    Plants Suitable for Damp Sites - this is where the soil really holds the water and can sometimes sit slightly wet

    Amelanchier Cornus Phyllostachys Pseudosasa Sambucus Salix Taxodium Metasequoia

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