Photinia Hedging Information

Photinia Hedging Information

Photinia - Red Robin or Christmas Berry - are evergreen dense, medium growing shrubs with an upright bushy habbit. They have lovely bright green glossy foliage with new growth being a nice bright red later changing to green. In Spring they do bear creamy white flowers rather sparsley accross the shrub - they flower more if they are planted in full sun. When they flower they do take a lot of energy away from the rest of the plant so you might want to consider pruning when they are flowering. It can be easily trimmed into shape which also encourages new red growth. As with all evergreens come Winter you will see them loose some leaves that have gone yellow - to brown then drop off, these will be replaced in Spring. They tend to grow roughly 30cm / 1 foot a year

Clipping Photinia Hedging

Photinias do need pruning to keep them looking tidy and so you can achieve the height and bushiness you need. They should be pruned in Spring and again in late Summer if the need it. You can also through the year trim any untidy branches.


The Photinia doesn't really have any dislikes as it can be grown it sheltered or exposed areas and from loamy soils to clay soil in acidic or neutral. Sometimes black spots appear on photinia leaves this only due to the extremly cold weather but they can be removed and new ones will come through.

Feeding Photinia

Photinias can be fed upto 4 times a year with an all purpose granula feed such as chicken pellets or bonemeal. 



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