Hornbeam Hedging Information

Hornbeam Hedging Information

Carpinus - hornbeam is a traditionl english hedger a good alternative to beech. It has very attractive green foliage that changes to yellow in the Autumn and bears hop like fruit clusters in late Summer and Autumn. Unlike the beech hedging it likes the soggy - wood land sites that most hedges don't.

Trimming Carpinus

You only need to prune carpinus once a year and you are best doing it late Summer to encourage them to retain there foliage during the Winter months. Always start trimming the hedge at the top and working your way down.


Carpinus don't really have any dislikes they are very easy to grow and don't normally have any problems

Feeding Carpinus

You can feed Carpinus with a general purpose feed such as bonemeal or chicken pellets you can do this in Spring and again in Summer.


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