Griselinia Littoralis Hedging Information

Griselinia Littoralis Hedging Information


Griselinia - New Zealand Broadleaf - are upright evergreen shrubs that have simple, oval glossy green leaves and have yellow - green flowers and on the female plants they have very small purple fruits when they are all grown together. They are ideal for seaside gardens as they don't enjoy hard frosts. If you do want to plant them North of Birmingham we do suggest they go in a sheltered site, urban gardens are usually much warmer so they are normally fine.The foliage tips can go black in a cold winter so we suggest feeding them with sulphate of potash in Autumn to toughen the stems against frost damage.

Clipping Griselinia Hedging

They don't need much pruning just once a year around late Spring to early Summer and then just any regular pruning of untidy branches.


Really cold areas.

Feeding Griselinia

All you need is an all purpose granula feed such as chicken pellets or blood fish and bone. This can be done when they start to grow and again in the Summer. You can normally see when the plants are hungry as the colour would start to fade and not be so bright


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