Berberis Hedging Information

Berberis Hedging Information

Berberis - Barberry make a lovely barrier with there little thorny spikes. They can be evergreen and deciduous plants, but the important thing to remember is that the prickles are there all year round. Perfect to stop dogs or unwanted strangers. They have small spiney foliage in greens, purples that change colours going into Autumn and Winter. The flowers are berberis are small and delicate but are pretty. Often followed by fruits for the birds who also love to nest inside this prickly plant as it is perfect for protection. They prefer a nice sunny position if possible as this will encourage the plants to fruit.

Clipping Berberis Hedging

With Berberis being so prickly it might be best to prune little and often that way it doesn't get away from you and you have to start getting inside the plant to prune as you would be very sore by the time you have finished.


Berberis doesn't like to be waterlogged, other than that it can be exposed or in a sheltered site, clay, chalk, sand or loamy soils. It can be planted in shade but like it says above you might not have as many fruits.

Feeding Berberis

General plant foods are good normally we sugesst using chicken pellets as this way you can't over do it.



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